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import jax.numpy as jnp
from jax import random as jrdm
import numpy as np

key, _ = jrdm.split(jrdm.PRNGKey(0))

[docs]def init_params(rows, cols, method='xavier', mean=0., std=1., key=key): """Initialize the weight and bias matrices based on probabilistic distribution. :param rows: Size of the input, number of rows to be generated. :type rows: int :param cols: Size of the output, number of columns to be generated. :type cols: int :param method: Distibution to use to generated the weights, defaults to 'xavier'. :type method: str, optional :param mean: Mean for the distribution to be generated, defaults to 0. :type mean: float, optional :param std: Standard deviation for the distribution to be generated, defaults to 1. :type std: float, optional :param tensor: Needs to return a theano friendly-format, defaults to True. :type tensor: bool, optional :param seed: Seed to be set for randomness, defaults to None. :type seed: int, optional :raises ValueError: `method` needs to be 'ones', 'zeros', 'uniform', 'xavier' or 'normal', see below for details. :method: * **Zeros**: :math:`W_j = \\vec{0}` * **Ones**: :math:`W_j = \\vec{1}` * **Uniform**: :math:`W_j \\sim \\mathcal{U} _{\\left[0, 1 \\right)}` * **Xavier**: :math:`W_j \\sim \\mathcal{U}\\left[ -\\frac{\\sqrt{6}}{\\sqrt{n_j + n_{j+1}}}, \\frac{\\sqrt{6}}{\\sqrt{n_j + n_{j+1}}} \\right]` * **Normal**: :math:`W_j \\sim \\mathcal{N}(0, 1)` :references: * Neuneier, Ralph, and Hans Georg Zimmermann. "`How to train neural networks <>`_" In Neural networks: tricks of the trade, pp. 373-423. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1998. * Glorot, Xavier, and Yoshua Bengio. "`Understanding the difficulty of training deep feedforward neural networks <>`_" In Proceedings of the thirteenth international conference on artificial intelligence and statistics, pp. 249-256. 2010. :return: Weight or bias matrix for initiating ML optimization :rtype: numpy.array """ # Get the weights if method.lower() == 'ones': # W = jnp.ones((rows, cols)) W = np.ones((rows, cols)) if method.lower() == 'zeros': W = jnp.zeros((rows, cols)) elif method.lower() == 'uniform': W = jrdm.uniform(key, (rows, cols)) elif method.lower() == 'xavier': W = jrdm.uniform(key, shape=(rows, cols), minval=-jnp.sqrt(6. / (rows + cols)), maxval=jnp.sqrt(6. / (rows + cols))) elif method.lower() == 'normal': W = jrdm.normal(key, (rows, cols)) else: raise ValueError(f"Weight initialization method not valid. Muse be in 'ones', 'zeros', 'uniform', xavier', 'normal'. Got '{method}'.") return W